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10 Best Bow Tie Tutorials - Last Minute DIY Gift for Him

Posted on 08 February 2016

There is less than a week before Valentines day. If you are still considering to make a gift for you loved one, think no further. This bow tie is a quick and simple DIY project that generates good result.

Bow ties have been a trend for a while. My male friends agree that popping bright colours are the best for bow tie. So this Pink Yellow Bhutanese fabric seems to be a good choice for a DIY bow tie project. 

In this sample I made, I used 1 piece of fat quarter (29" x 20" or  74 x 50 cm), cut the pattern on bias and still have quite a bit of fabric left over.

My Bow tie measures 2.5" x 4.5" and I use my own pattern.


If you would like to follow step-by-step instructions, here are the 10 best tutorials I came across. They all provide free patterns as well. Check them out!

The 10 Best Bow Tie Sewing Tutorials

DIY Bow Tie Project by Tie-a-tie.net 

- Clear instructions. Patterns with adjustable length.

Men's Bow Tie Tutorial by Sew Like My Mom

- Clear and detailed instructions with attractive samples.

Learn How to Make a Bow Tie by The Liberty Craft Blog

- Blog from Liberty of London using their own fabric. What else do I need to say?!

DIY Bow Tie Pattern by See Kate Sew

- Simple instructions with very nice pictures.

How to Make a Bow Tie by Bespoke Unit

- Instructions with technical details. The bow tie design is unique from others. 

How to Sew a Men’s Bow Tie Necktie by The Seasoned Homemaker

- Another one with nice clear instructions. I like how she joined the pieces together.

Men's Adjustable Bow Tie by Mom of Marlee

- Nice bow tie design with length adjustable feature. 

Mix and Match Bow Ties by Delia Creates

- Very creative design that can mix and match different colours and patterns.

DIY: Bow Tie by Makery

- Clear and detailed instructions. 

DIY-ing the Emmys - The Bow Tie and Pocket Square by Makezine

- Teach you an alternative way to finish the opening 

Happy bow tie making!!






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